wash-bear Leichtstoffabscheider

The Float-Sink Method, 100% Effective!

The wash-bear.

Over more than 15 years, the most versatile versions of the wash-bear® series have proven themselves hundreds of times under various requirements in construction material processing and recycling applications.

The robust concept of a purely hydromechanical separation of impurities from valuable mineral resources has proven to be superiorly efficient.

In a comprehensive relaunch, the available advancements have been consolidated into a new product generation.

The models are named wash-bear® "basic 100," "pro 150," and "pro 190." Additionally, there is now also a crawler-mobile fully self-contained working unit in the lineup, the wash-bear track190.

The wash-bear® "track 190" is equipped with a chain drive and its own 4.5 m long discharge conveyor. This is installed in such a way that it does not need to be dismantled during the plant's transport. Likewise, the optional wind sifter can remain on the plant during transport.

  • Innovative screening system using the float-sink method
  • No wastewater, only supplementation of process water
  • High environmental compatibility due to low noise and dust emissions
  • Highly wear-resistant auger made from special alloy
  • High production capacity
  • Separating and screening in a single operation
  • Low energy consumption

Your Advantages
  • Extremely low operating and maintenance costs
  • No generated process water residues
  • Container-mobile special designs for specific applications
  • Can be integrated into existing systems without major effort
  • Reliably and cleanly separates feed material from lightweight substances
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Wear protection
  • With integrated fill level control, manual sorting is eliminated.

  • Additional wind sifter in the feeding area
  • Reduced auger quality for simple applications
  • Hydraulic lifting function of the trough
  • Hydraulic leveling device
  • Plant with reverse-material discharge
  • Integrated main discharge conveyor customer color
  • Clean extension wet classification


Our wash-bear Series

The Different Models.

In addition to the ongoing optimization of process efficiency, operational reliability has always been a key focus. This has been realized, especially through easily manageable plant technology in deliberately robust and maintenance-free designs.

wash-bear basic100

wash-bear basic100
Hook mobile lightweight separator

wash-bear pro 150

wash-bear pro150

Hook mobile lightweight separator

wash-bear pro190

wash-bear pro190

Hook mobile lightweight separator

wash-bear, track190

wash-bear track190

Chain mobile lightweight separator