Enhanced Wet Processing Concept Rejuvenated.

With an extensive relaunch, Moerschen Mobile Processing is introducing its proven float-sink separator series, wash-bear®, into Generation 3.0.

For over 15 years, the most versatile models of the wash-bear® series have proven themselves in a myriad of construction material processing and recycling applications, meeting diverse requirements. The robust concept of a purely hydromechanical separation of impurities from valuable mineral resources has proven to be superiorly efficient. Now, Moerschen Mobile Processing GmbH has decided to consolidate the available advancements in a comprehensive relaunch, concentrated within a new product generation.

Moerschen Mobile Processing initially launched the wash-bear® series with three sizes in semi-stationary configurations on hook-lift frames. The current extensive relaunch begins with new model designations: The models previously referred to as S, L, and XL based on their size will now be named wash-bear® 'basic 100,' 'pro 150,' and 'pro 190,' respectively. The number in each designation represents the throughput capacity in tons per hour. The foundation of this simple and durable technology, focused on purely mechanical separation of lightweight materials such as aerated concrete, plastic, or organic material, lies in the patented auger. It ensures nearly 100% efficiency. Intelligent control allows for continuous and stepless adjustment of the auger's rotational speed and pitch, thus enabling effective material dewatering. The removal of floating lightweight materials occurs continuously and automatically via a brush conveyor specially designed for the wash-bear®. Additional separation options are complemented by an optional air classifier, among other features.

In addition to the continuous optimization of process efficiency, operational reliability has always been a focal point. This was achieved, especially through easy-to-handle plant technology in distinctly robust and maintenance-free designs. Another hallmark of the wash-bear® series, gaining increasing importance according to Sven Brookshaw, Managing Director of Moerschen Mobile Processing, is its operational flexibility. 'Users desire as many versatile options as possible, particularly with features that allow easy transportation and quick on-site setup,' he said. To address this, the current revision of the wash-bear® series incorporates several new features. For instance, the discharge brush conveyor has been installed in a way that it does not need to be dismantled during transportation of the plant.

"Similarly, the optional air classifier can now remain on the plant during transportation. This ensures a consistently compact and, above all, uncomplicated transportability without requiring elaborate assemblies. An improved water drainage option from the wash trough significantly streamlines processes during commissioning, water replacement, or preparation for transport. A visual representation of the flow at the rinsing unit allows for enhanced process monitoring during washing. Furthermore, the intuitive operation of the further enhanced control technology facilitates operation even with changing personnel."

As part of the ongoing evolution and relaunch, the plant series has been consistently expanded to effectively meet additional operational requirements. In response to numerous customer requests, a fully autonomous, tracked mobile working unit was recently added to the product lineup, based on the previous XL variant. This unit, now appropriately named wash-bear® 'track 190,' represents flexibility both on one's own premises and in terms of transport alternatives. Following the relaunch strategy, more variants will be introduced into the series. Currently in the design stage is the wash-bear® 'core 50,' slated for release at the turn of the year. This unit is a smaller-scale plant targeting customers with a maximum throughput requirement of 50 tons per hour, who previously had to resort to simpler products without the proven auger of the wash-bear® series.

Even after 15 years, the wash-bear® concept remains highly relevant, as affirmed by Sven Brookshaw, Managing Director of Moerschen: 'We can offer a completely refined plant technology. Moreover, the concept continuously holds potential for new product generations that can successfully meet evolving market demands.' To reach an even larger customer base with the wash-bear® series, Moerschen Mobile Processing, based in Willich-Anrath, North Rhine-Westphalia, has partnered with Kurz-Gruppe from Friolzheim, Baden-Württemberg, as an additional dealer for the southern Germany region.