Lightweight separator

wash-bear basic100.

The number represents the throughput capacity in tons per hour. The foundation of the simple and robust technology for the mechanical separation of lightweight substances such as aerated concrete, plastic, or organic material is based on the patented conveyor screw. It ensures nearly 100% efficiency. Through intelligent control, the rotational speed and pitch of the screw can be continuously adjusted, allowing for material dewatering. The discharge of the floating lightweight substances is continuous and automatic, facilitated by a specially designed brush conveyor belt for the wash-bear®. Additional separation options are provided, including an optional wind sifter.

Technical details

wash-bear basic100

Technical specifications.

Production capacitybis 100 t/h
Feed size10 - 120 mm
Drive power screw15 kW
Transport dimensions (LxWxH)7.469 mm x 2.372 mm x 2.484 mm
Weight9,5 t
Screw conveyor Ø1.000 mm
Discharge belt --