Mobile wash-bear

Efficient Wet Processing Made Mobile.

Moerschen Mobile Aufbereitung has continuously evolved its successful float-sink separator, wash-bear®.

With the new variant, wash-bear® track, Moerschen Mobile Aufbereitung GmbH is ushering the unique concept into a new product generation. The extensively proven solution for separating lightweight materials from building rubble is now optionally available in a tracked mobile version.

To efficiently separate impurities from the reusable and valuable minerals, Moerschen offers a robust and reliable plant technology. The wash-bear® has proven its worth in construction material recycling by employing a simple and indestructible technology of a purely mechanically operating float-sink separator. Now, the creators of wash-bear® have taken a significant step forward in its application: based on the largest variant, wash-bear® XL, Moerschen Mobile Aufbereitung presents the new wash-bear® track. The processing specialist from Willich has made its unique lightweight material separator mobile with a tracked chassis.

The evolution from the wash-bear® series, previously available only in semi-stationary configurations on hook-lift frames, to a fully mobile standalone unit, aligns with the experience that, in practice, the separation of lightweight materials is just one part of a comprehensive process in forward-thinking material recycling. According to previous customer requirements and operational practices, it was often desirable for the plants to be able to 'move' on the premises - to flexibly utilize space wherever it is available. This operational flexibility is now also offered by the wash-bear® track. Moerschen has done an excellent job in the product's advancement: the design allows for relocating the machine while in operational mode - that is, filled with the required process water. This eliminates the need for additional setup times.

wash-bear track

In the field of processing and recycling, the wash-bear® has increasingly found applications due to its unique process efficiency. With its patented auger, the technology ensures an almost 100% separation of lightweight materials such as aerated concrete, plastic, or organic material. Since the working process is based solely on the specific density of the materials, a wide range of feed sizes from 4 to 120 mm is possible. By adjusting the rotational speed and pitch of the auger continuously, the residence time of the feed material in the wash trough can be controlled.

In addition, Moerschen Mobile Aufbereitung optionally equips its wash-bear® track with a newly designed air classifier. The end product is always a capillary-water-saturated pure mineral material, which, for example, can readily be used as an optimal recycling additive in concrete technology.

In conjunction with other plants, unprecedented possibilities emerge: a combined chain with a mobile impact crusher and double-deck screening, for instance, allows for complex process sequences. By washing the medium-grain and recombining it with the screened fines, a higher-quality end product can be achieved. To seamlessly integrate into such setups, Moerschen Mobile Processing has equipped the wash-bear® track with a 4.5-meter discharge belt. With a throughput capacity based on wash-bear® XL, the new variant offers a processing capacity of up to 300 tons per hour. This enables cost-effective operation with high-throughput crushers and screening systems.

wash-bear track, Bürstenband, Windsichter

In addition to process efficiency, the wash-bear® track impresses with its easy-to-use plant technology and the robust, maintenance-free design, known to users from the wash-bear® series. A conventional highly efficient Stage-V Deutz engine drives the chassis and the entire plant through diesel-hydraulics. The drive concept ensures operation even in conditions of water exposure. The well-thought-out development takes into account transportation to external construction sites, where high-quality recycling on construction sites will gain increasing importance in the future. For example, the air classifier can remain in place during transport. This reduces setup times at the new location, as does the hydraulically extendable discharge belt.

"The plant represents nothing short of a quantum leap and will significantly expand the possibilities for the user," says Sven Brookshaw, Managing Director of Moerschen Mobile Aufbereitung, and adds: "Especially with such a development, it is important to be able to rely on one's own experiences and consolidate competencies under one roof." The company's in-house steel construction, 'Made in Germany,' and its own design department in Willich support the implementation. The latest member of the wash-bear® family follows Moerschen's philosophy that every plant can only be as good as the care given to its realization. Today, after 15 years of wash-bear® experience, a new mature product generation stands as the sum of these experiences. The continuously recognized potential for intelligent advancements, responding to growing market demands, is already leading to patent applications for key technology components in the wash-bear® track.